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Xu Jiayin personally came to the team in the evening of 24 stayed in the hotel, entertained all the players and coaches. Xu Jiayin told Hengda [microblogging] Players: nike air max 1 canada  This year is the second time to participate in the AFC, I hope everyone relaxed state of mind, but also come up with a bloody dare dares.


In addition, no other inflammatory rhetoric and high-profile action, and last year's AFC Champions League campaign compared to (Xu India Hengda and Jeonbuk Hyundai in before kick-off, a sudden increase in a "glory for the country" award, each win by a ball plus a 200 million bonus), this year Hengda atmosphere is very peaceful.


Whether El Eriksson to join, or the distribution of bonus programs, Hengda are not usual fanfare, the settings from the bonus aspect is most obvious, constant brigade although the goal is to determine the AFC (Paul IV) champion, But last year, exactly the same settings and bonuses, and no additional increase, from which the idea is easy to see Evergrande - even though the AFC championship and then re, to be within a predetermined framework.


In this regard, a team member said: "We all know the importance of the game, nike air max 90 canada but the club and Lippi did not give us additional special burden." This team is also remembered the oath-taking ceremony of the first two years: "2011 was a hit Super [microblogging], therefore engage in a ceremony in 2012 was the first to play the AFC, the ceremony also engage, nothing this year was the first time. "


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