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Hole card performance quite satisfactory, before the asics gel noosa tri 8 womens   "back Pakistan A" storm and did not affect his performance on the field, he is still the midfield commander, from the pre-season with Sunray, Luneng team's warm-up match performance can be seen out that the attitude of the hole card is no problem. "Hole card he is such a person, though stubborn, but in the field, or will try to demonstrate their ability." Hengda player said.


Barrios, is a variable. His condition is not good, however, he can score in the game, which is characteristic Barrios, say running, Barrios came this team has more than six months, the time that has been more than enough.


In fact, for Hengda, it spent 5.7 million euros bought El Eriksson because the quota can not participate in the AFC game, is a huge regret. El Eriksson joined Evergrande after the training period and Muric are living in the same room, Muric Hengda want to pass to the identity of Big Brother El Eriksson more "positive energy." For missed AFC 50 million, Mr. Muric stress him the most is that the "good practice, with the strength to speak." The presence of El Eriksson, for Muric, Barrios and the hole card is like a whip, asics onitsuka tiger canada  smeday, these three individual performance is not good, this is called "El Eriksson," the whip on will be able to get them. 

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