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Formation changes, personnel adjustments, it is visible, asics shoes canada  and the outcome of the game, but also on another battlefield, and that is the player's psychology.


AFC last fight, the first field and Jeonbuk Hyundai - before the start Xuemaibizhang, ecstatic after the match. A year later, it comes to the AFC, the team members is more calm. And this calm, comes more confidence. Gao Lin said: "Compared to last year, our mindset will be more stable. After last year's AFC game workout and adapt the rhythm and atmosphere, this year we should have a more comprehensive and better state of readiness


Urawa Red Diamonds is Gao Lin's old acquaintance. When Gao Lin in Shanghai Shenhua [microblogging] effect when on the AFC and played against Urawa Red Diamonds: "In my mind, this is a very good team, but I think any ball team arrived in Guangzhou, the face and the Guangzhou Heng brigade fans cheer momentum, do not have much confidence. "Gao Lin even think Urawa Red Diamonds without a fight scared:" Some Japanese media reported before, in my opinion first, in order confuse us, the second is to give them some confidence, but I think they do, is itself a manifestation of fear. "Sun Xiang also very confident:"  womens asics gel excel 33 We are very confident in the AFC stadium up to achieve our target. "


Hengda is expected to debut (433): Zeng Cheng / Sun Xiang, Kim Eng rights, Zhang Lin, Rong Hao / Qin Sheng, Huang Bowen, Zheng / hole cards, Muric, Barrios 

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