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Beijing at 18:30 on April 30, nike lunarspider lt+ 3 sale  AFC group stage to start the final round competition in Group H game in Guizhou Renhe [microblogging] 2-2 home draw against Suwon Samsung regret was eliminated. He Wei famous CCTV commentator on the game for the comments, Wei He bluntly Misimovic Guizhou missing after the attack and the lack of ideological purpose, Guizhou AFC Champions Tour for the first time learned a lot of experience but also learned a new lesson. 

20 minutes into the game, the lack of Misimovic Guizhou and the team is difficult to form. a substantial threat, He Wei comments on the road, "the lack of Misimovic after Guizhou Renhe in attack without thought and purpose, the current In the front court is not such a person can stand out. Water Blue Wings attack speed is not too fast. "He Wei Tan," Now Musi Li top at the front, he always retreated as Misimovic role, but play is not very good, he can not fill this role. " 

The first 35 minutes, Suwon Samsung exploit opportunities to kick the first goal. Wei He comments on the road, "before the kick they obviously had a precision drill, which in terms of Guizhou team Huashan road on the left, and their goal is no other option, is to win!" He Wei once again that Guizhou For Missy's dependency syndrome, "clearly there is a problem, before relying Misimovic midfield ball, nike lunarspider lt+ 2 sale now missing Misimovic, offensive combination of several point position is not up." 

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