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AFC May 20 to open a ticket, warned the Chinese footnike free run 2 sale  [microblogging] Association as well as people, Sainty two Super League clubs, while Chinese Football Association was fined $ 5,000, two clubs were penalized $ 9,000, a fine reason Fans are due to improper behavior. Guizhou Renhe [microblogging] because with Kashiwa Reysol and Central Coast Mariners two games of 3000 and were fined $ 5,000, Sainty fined $ 1,000. 

February 27, Guizhou Renhe vs. Kashiwa Reysol game, in the body of the fans threw a Hanamaki to the floor, the results were found to match supervision. After the match after AFC AFC study this serious violation of the provisions is punishable $ 3,000 fine, while the AFC also warned Guizhou and if further breach will be subject to more severe punishment. 

The April 9 Guizhou Renhe AFC team against Australia Central Coast Mariners game among Guizhou Renhe coach Gong Lei improper use abusive language to protest the action and the referee, the referee sent off the Gong Lei outside. AFC afterwards said: AFC Disciplinary Guidelines for Gong Lei violate paragraph 57 of the act, the AFC Disciplinary Committee has opened its proceedings to give the final AFC Gong Lei suspended for a punishment, and punishment 5000 dollar fine. 

March 12 Guoxin Sainty home against Vegalta Sendai, Japan team competition, cheap nike free run 3  there are fans of other players irradiated with laser pointer, followed by the Japan Football Association to protest against the AFC, while the AFC has officially accepted Japan's protest to the Jiangsu Sainty [microblogging] Team impose a fine of $ 1,000 and given a warning.

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