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The four teams to score together, cheap nike air max 1   Legion of Super League AFC total gains 33 points, is the highest in the history of the time, and the Japanese J-League four teams score the same, but more than 32 points in the performance of the K-League. This is the Chinese team for the first time in Japan, the team does not lose points, beat South Korea team. 

Must also be noted that in previous Super League team fully suppressed by Japan and South Korea are different, the team in the Super League this season when the team face Japan and South Korea have a good performance, which is against the Japanese team wins, 3 draws and 2 3 negative, as a team against South Korea wins, 5 draws and 2 losses, a total of 20 points. This is the AFC after restructuring, Super team in Japan and South Korea when the team challenge to create the best record. 

Overview of East Asia four team standings, Super team actually created a bottom without a "miracle." In contrast, Japan's Vegalta Sendai, Hiroshima three arrows, nike air max 90 cheap South Korea's Suwon Samsung has occupied the three "old end" places. This time, Chinese football [microblogging] is much contention breath, impressive. 

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