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 Hengda outlet, which is not surprising; 7 years, adidas superstar 2 sale there are two Chinese teams advance again, probably not too surprising. Surprising is that Super [microblogging] semi-finals in the face of the old Korean victims when turned on, the whole record is actually overwhelm opponents. 

Recalling previous years, AFC group stage, "tragedy", "highs", "out of regret" is a super team to bring people to the most profound impression. Last year for example, Hengda thriving, Beijing Guoan [microblogging] and Tianjin TEDA [microblogging] performance was particularly bad, two teams battle is also 6 0 wins, the poor get only three points last year, Super only been in the group stage AFC Legion 16 points. 

2013 AFC Champions League group stage final round Super team wins and three draws to an outstanding achievement ending, draw a nice stop. It is no exaggeration to say that this year's Super four teams in the history of the "longest face" again. Guangzhou Hengda [microblogging] 3 wins, salomon speedcross 3 sale  2 draws and one loss with 11 points, easily occupy the top; Beijing Guoan two wins and three draws and one defeat with nine points, the second qualifying group. Jiangsu Sainty [microblogging] and Guizhou Renhe [microblogging] Although both out regret, but for the first time to participate in AFC them, have been able to achieve this record is a very good answer. Sainty and the second group Buri, together with seven points, while only disadvantage finished third on goal difference, Guizhou and ranked third with six points from the final cut only a thin one goal only. 

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