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Kezhan Suwon, the hotel and found the home team provides is more civilians, the room is too small, only three-star standard, in order to allow players to live comfortably, adidas js wings 2.0 sale  Dai Xiuli request a replacement hotel, "our own money." Despite the failure to do so, but the players were very moved. 

Let the players have moved away to beat the Central Coast Mariners game. That game, and lost. But the two did not get angry boss, Dai Xiuli know a lot of players is the first time in Australia, a rare opportunity, she felt should let the players feel. To this end, she deliberately ticket into the next morning after the game night, rented a bus, the players took a tour of the city of Sydney, the Sydney Opera House, the Cathedral, the City Hall, the players are shopping . 

"The boss is thoughtful, stands to reason that loses, do not blame us for the good,  adidas superstar 2.5 sale but the boss also took us to play everywhere, really good." One player is very mixed feelings. 

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