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nike air max 1 sale

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Sainty road trip facing multiple difficulties and Group executives also did not forget to give the team a concern and encouragement. "Away go all out to win Buri, take the initiative to qualify from the group as soon as possible to win back a rewards!" Before Thailand expedition team, cheap nike air max 90   the club conveys the big boss Dong Qibin's instructions. 

Sainty executives said, from the past two years, the AFC qualifying group stage situation, the second group is generally not less than 8 points. The integration of this group from Sainty situation, FC Seoul seven points ahead, Sainty ranked second with four points, Buriram, Sendai 2 points breakdown thirty-four. Round game, Sainty once flat or beat his opponent, then further to seize the initiative. If you can no longer win Sendai, Sainty half a leg into the semi-final stage will be the threshold. 

Dragan think this game is still very difficult, "No one dares say there must be certainty to win the opponent, I think the heat away for us is not a small challenge, I do not think too much about whether the final to the group stages of the score, I just asked the players every game seriously kick, cheap nike air max 90   the final result was naturally not too bad if carrying a burden, so they might be playing bad. " 

Dragan leader Yang Chen also endorsed the views of the home and away two entirely different concepts. Away many unpredictable factors, temperature, trip, venues, catering, hotel environment, nike air max 1 sale physical reaction, referees, match pressure and many other aspects, which did not handle the game could affect the final result.

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