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nike air max 95 uk

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Team 7 April evening ride 19:27 Nanjing to Shanghai high-speed rail, and staying in Shanghai Guoxin Group subsidiary Purple Mountain Hotel. nike air max 97 hyperfuse uk Yesterday 12:25 team take the flight to fly to Bangkok. However, the next journey described as "Thai embarrassing", due to Buriram home than drive from Suvarnabhumi Airport AFC prescribed six hours, Sainty aspects have to ride again, only 29 of the small plane to Buri Ram . Beijing last night 9:00, Sainty team boarded a small plane in this class, went to Buri Ram. Although this tour is just over one hour flight, but are rarely in the domestic small plane ride, safety, comfort can not be compared with the previous flight, and many players have joked that this journey is really memorable ah. This way, the team arrived Buriram from Nanjing entire trip down close to 26 hours, the players arrive at your hotel in Buri Ram are exhausted. 

The trip to Buri Ram, Sainty team also meet the challenges of high temperature. The day before yesterday Sainty Deputy Paul arrived Buri, when locals and he joked, nike air max 97 hyperfuse uk "Zheng total, congratulations, we are here today, cool the." Looked at the airport while Zheng total thermometer, 37 ℃. Indeed, at the local, has not the hottest weather it. Starting from Nanjing, the advance team of some members still wearing winter clothes, but arrived in Bangkok, when everyone had to deal with a bunt, but still keep the sweat streaming down. 

This reporter has learned, these days Buriram every day rain, high humidity, and no wind, the players game particularly vulnerable to heat stroke. "From hot to cold, little effect on respiration, in turn, hot and humid weather will affect the player's heart and lung function,  nike air max 95 uk we got off the plane luggage, not how to respect a sweat, let alone to run on 90-minute Players of. "a senior, said. 

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