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nike air max classic bw mens

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Although the game and national security fellow lost Oristano,  nike air max light uk  but Sainty coach Dragan and not too depressed. However, the outside world for Dragan questioned squad rotation, has been to make him feel uncomfortable. Yesterday, Dragan face of a domestic professional sports media, a spit voice. 

Let's look at playing country An Shishun day lineup, starting lineup, there are four players with previous playing Buri when a replacement, replacing Liu Jianye Lu Bofei, Crivitz also be starting, another Saleh replace the starter has been Aliyev Krstic. Defense, Ai Zhibo [microblogging] replace a red card suspension Aileiersen. But In effect, Dragan do not think too good, especially after the game he repeatedly mentioned: the team played a bad first half, in fact, they should be able to be more better. 

"I had to come in the second half and Lu Bofei Aliyev Krstic, originally I also want them to have a good rest, but when we can not guarantee the result of rotation of the strongest fighting,  nike air max light uk  you let me go, how to choose? "Dragan answer media questions, is so helpless. For reporters about Baal [microblogging], Wu Xi [microblogging] and Yin Lu [microblogging] and DengZhuoXiang questions, Dragan answer was very direct, "DengZhuoXiang no better short term injury, is temporarily unable to consider his a; Wu Xi has been in the game, but his back injury I have to take into account, and he also needs to integrate into my system some time; For Baal, Sun Ke [microblogging] played has been good, there is no reason for me Sun can be easily put on the bench it? while Yin Lu, when we were introduced to strengthen the lower back position of bench strength and depth to the midfield more competitive. " 

Dragan answer from this seat, we do not hard to predict, with Buriram game, nike air max classic bw mens Lu Bofei, Aileiersen other players will still have to rely on another starter. 

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