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Coach and reporters were busy chasing, new balance 1300 for sale also followed the players join in the fun. Learned that his opponent in the knockout round of Hengda, many players have said the sailor's really looking forward to this game, looking forward to seeing Lippi.


On behalf of the Central Coast Mariners played at 2009 and 2012 AFC Champions League and had two super experienced sailor playing captain John Hutchinson said: "Lippi is a great coach, he led the face of the owner Mu Richie [microblogging] [microblogging], the hole card [microblogging] [microblogging] and Barrios Guangzhou Hengda will be our biggest challenge so far faced and we have seen many video game Hengda, they have a fantastic coach and fantastic player. "


The Coast Mariners star striker this season, new balance 1300 for sale A-League Golden Boot winner Daniel Mike Breen said, looking forward to the marshal Lippi coached Guangzhou Heng brigade grips. "We're really looking forward to the arrival of Lippi." Mike Breen said, "Fortunately, the time he does not appear on the pitch and we race, so that our troubles will be a little less." Former Premier League Sheffield United midfielder , height 1.75 m Nick 蒙特戈梅瑞 then said: "This will be a fantastic game. Lippi has led too brilliant achievements, I heard that he also specifically asked Piero our team situation, this feeling is both honored and bad. " new balance 1600 for sale newspaper reporter Li J148


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