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Before the conference yesterday, Arnold of "seeking photo"  new balance 574 women seems just a prelude. Next, Lippi once again become the focus of the audience, and we are busy with a variety of personal questions to ask Lippi, seems to have forgotten that this was a home of their own AFC Jiqiangkaida knockout round.


Hengda yesterday before the conference to a large number of Australian reporter, can be described as unprecedented. And wait until the conference a start, we have competed Lippi threw the problem, and their problem is almost all concentrated in Lippi individuals themselves. "You, sir, have the coach and the team played against the Australian experience like? Do you have a chance to go to Australia coach do? Contacted you and Piero do? For his campaign over Australia may surprise? ......"


Australian media seems to have a series of questions and competitions nothing but Lippi is also very enjoyable to answer. "I played against the Australian team only once,  new balance 574 women that is the 2006 World Cup in Italy and Australia led the national team, when we kick the cut. Come to Australia coach? This is a very beautiful country, perhaps I will have the opportunity, but did not one can predict the future. "


Lippi said they did not surprise Piero's decision, he believes Del Piero to Australia to play, and he chose to go to Guangzhou coach is the same. "I and Piero's career in Italy, in our end of his career, we chose a very distant countries, experiences, and had a completely different experience, and I think this is very interesting."


One Australian reporter's question and competitions are related, but Lippi refused to respond. "A lot of people look forward to Hengda to 8 in advance, if Hengda eventually lost to the Central Coast, that for you whether it is a big disaster?" Faced with this somewhat provocative question, Lippi responded by saying: "We are now talking about the future Tomorrow is the first round of the game, all the main meeting our constant attack, and then we will return to Guangzhou for the second round of the competition,new balance 501 women  I would not make the assumption that the team does not qualify.
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