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When the opponent's coach Marcello Lippi has become a fan of what will be one kind of scene?  new balance 595 womens Yesterday's news conference before the game can give you the answer.


Yesterday afternoon, the Central Coast Mariners and Guangzhou Hengda [microblogging] [microblogging] game before the conference was held in Hengda's hotel. Central Coast Mariners first conference was held, but the end of the conference, and the sailors coach Arnold but did not leave. Why? He was deliberately waiting for the next Hengda conference. However, this is not to wait for spying Hengda generals will say anything, but ran find a photo to go. Result, until Lippi approach, Arnold invited the reporters came to him for him and Lippi photo, a Lippi powder looks like.


Arnold has no such behavior. actually curious. In fact, a few days ago by the Australian media,  new balance 595 womens he will be all sorts of praise words gave Lippi: "to have such a highly respected world-class coach, led the team to Gosford and the Central Coast game, This is really for the club graced For me personally, to clinch the World Cup with such a coach, play together, indeed of pleasure, new balance 577 australia for he is the best the world has ever encountered one of the coaches. "

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