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To know more about the opponent,  new balance 996 women Hengda coach Marcello Lippi from old disciple Piero that intelligence gathering.


Beijing this afternoon 17:30, AFC 1/8 Eliminations leg match to proceed Guangzhou Hengda [microblogging] will play away to Central Coast Mariners, this will be the first team clash with the Australian team , in order to better prepare for, Hengda has arrived two days ahead of the road.


Lippi said that he is now playing for Australia and Sydney FC team of the Italian super-star Piero weekdays closely linked to the name of the former he specifically asked his disciples Central Coast Mariners situation.


"Last week we by phone, talked about to face the team by our opponents,  new balance 996 women and he told me it was a very good physical team, play and orderly, very passionate." Lippi said Heng brigade will the full impact of today's game, and he will not be the team does not qualify assumptions.


It is worth mentioning that, after two days, it will be a whole year Hengda coach Lippi day. May 17 last year,  new balance 620 mens Lee Jang Hengda officially announced as the team coach Marcello Lippi to succeed.


Hengda players expressed the hope that you can use today's match victory to the team coach Marcello Lippi offer an anniversary gift.

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