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Hengda [microblogging] team strong immediate concern, buy new balance  the Central Coast Mariners will not be without a fight. The team coach Arnold said yesterday that although the constant brigade strong, but not afraid, "We have a way to deal with constant brigade."


Central Coast Mariners on April 21 has just won this year's Australian super champion. For this championship, the team in the AFC Champions League group stage last two almost give up, but did not qualify for the final lucky. Scored after 16, Arnold said: "The fight will go all reached the Top 8. Though we won the A-League championship, but the A-League and AFC are different, there are a lot of AFC teams, the strength of the opponent than the Australian super strong. "


When asked which players have more constant brigade threat, Arnold answer was somewhat vague: "Heng brigade is a powerful whole, three South American foreign aid are very strong, but they are not rely on a few players, their strength assigned to various locations in addition to foreign aid, new balance 998 sale there are many Chinese Heng brigade players. Lippi is one of the best coaches in the world. encounter Hengda team like, is a huge challenge, but also honored, but We are confident to achieve good results at home, will be extended to the suspense away. "


According to Arnold said, the Central Coast Mariners team's budget this year is only 2.5 million Australian dollars (about 15 million yuan). This figure is only equivalent to the constant brigade home 4-0 victory over Thailand and Mongolia QSO of 14 million yuan to win awards, worth only hole card [microblogging] two months salary. Moreover, the Central Coast Mariners now to the financial crisis, has already defaulted on players 10 months' wages. Arnold shall not without fear expressed the hope that the players do not affected. "I believe my players will be professional attitude towards the game with constant brigade. Heng brigade, although very rich, but to deal with bigger, we have our own way."


Central Coast Mariners defender Nick 蒙特格梅瑞 said, never heard of this man hole card, "as the Super League, in addition to more popular in China than in other places is not known, although there are players so high income. "

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