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This year, the prize distribution Hengda AFC inclined to continue to develop the 6306 policy, Hengda during the AFC Champions League, win the ball, award six million yuan, nike air max 90 sale  Ping an award three million yuan, lose a game, do not Award impunity. Each of the next round, get an extra $ 6 million prize promotion. In addition, each victory goal difference additionally reward each team two million yuan. Group stage, Hengda record 3 wins, 2 draws and one defeat, the team got 53 million yuan reward. In the last eighth playoff first leg match, Hengda 2-1 Central Coast Mariners, in accordance with the bonus policy, the team re-eight million yuan. Second leg 0-1 at home loss to rival even Hengda can also win on away goals quarter-finals, once again cut $ 6 million prize. Thus, Hengda if qualify for the next stage, at least to get 14 million yuan reward. Quarterfinals, half-finals and finals, all home and away two rounds of the competition system. In all three phases of the six games, even Hengda all tie with rival and eventually win on away goals continue to cut, and eventually win, Hengda can earn six draws and two 1,800 yuan bonus promotion promotion of 12 million yuan prize, the total is 30 million yuan.


53000000 +1400 Wan +3000 ten thousand yuan = 97 million yuan. nike air max 90 sale  From the current perspective, if Hengda win, the club at least 97 million yuan reward. It also is not set up for the AFC AFC awards. Now established AFC AFC team into the bonus scheme is 16 Prize $ 50,000, into the Top 8 Prize $ 80,000, four strong is $ 120,000, $ 2,000,000 prize winner. Each group stage win awards $ 40,000, flat ball prize is $ 20,000. If Hengda eventually won, get at least $ 2.41 million award, or about 15 million yuan. Eventually, Hengda AFC won at least 110 million yuan reward. According to data provided by the Bank of China, the new RMB 100 100 yuan (10,000 yuan) a 0.9 cm thick, Hengda won the AFC championship, nike air max 1 sale bonuses pile up as high as 99 meters, nearly one hundred meters, the equivalent of a 30-story high-rise skyscrapers . 

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