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In the just-concluded AFC knockout round,nike free run 2 sale   Guangzhou Hengda [microblogging] team in the second half angry, 2-1 Central Coast Mariners reversal gained valuable away win Beijing May 16, CCTV's "Football Night [microblogging ] "program, revisit the game, Gao Lin [microblogging] also sharply reveals the true meaning of Hengda away untouchables.


Seen undergoing the game, Jianhong said: "Hengda now able to give people a feeling of relief, the second half of this season Hengda indeed better than the first half, 16 games, 42 goals first half into 12 balls , the second half 30 balls, the second half of Hengda really untouchables. "


With the Central Coast Mariners game, proved not only in the second half of the Hengda Super untouchables, in the AFC same untouchables, before Lippi undisguised aim to win, but after the opening Hengda is not smooth, the scene was very passive, which Feng Xiaoting [microblogging] explains: "In the beginning do not adapt to each other's rhythm and space." ZhangLinPeng [microblogging] said: "a little kick start mask, do not know how children, Midfielder coach also a little angry, that there is no requirement as he kicked my major criticism. "


Half of the game has been adjusted to formally enter Hengda mode, nike free 3.0 v5 mens Gao Lin assists Muric [microblogging] ahead score, with the power of the second half for the Hengda, Gao Lin explained sharply: "attacking each other for a long time to no avail in the case, may be lax, there are some opportunities for our team to grasp these opportunities a little stronger. "the last few races, Gao Lin obvious changes, Gao Lin Tan words:" In fact, you play the game in Hengda this team, a lot of pressure , including other Neiyuan, foreign aid, all the pressure and competition. too much ideological baggage also have an impact on their own, these games have their own state of mind and mood were adjusted to play more relaxed, more natural one o'clock. "


Finally, Jianhong warned: "AFC is not a very united organization in football will encounter many other factors, such as Gao Lin socks incident reminded Hengda this point."

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