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AFC Champions League knockout round last night reveals strange. Match has not yet started, the fourth official on the sidelines with a loud quarrel Hengda assistant, adidas spring blade sale  etc. into the game 1 minute 50 seconds, only to see Gao Lin holding a file from the lounge ran hastily added to the game lineup , that the opening nearly two minutes, Hengda actually hit 11 of 10.


Why Gao Lin late? The reason is the color white socks side too, and his teammates are different, the referee asked him to go back and change equipment. Then a stunning scene emerged: the referee did not actually wait for Gao Lin started the game back on the whistle, Lippi said afterwards: "In my 40 years of coaching career, never encountered such a thing. Gao Lin was with a bandage tied socks, leaving only a little gap only, but the referee asked him to have to change socks. leaving my surprise, the referee actually started the game in advance. "


Later Gao Lin also said a bit ignorant. "At that time I also do not quite understand, probably this is the road of factors, so I was thinking back on the court to perform. well,  adidas originals dragon sale then the game." Strange start to the trend also indicates that followed, the home team faced a clear foul referee leniency, so that constant Big players feel a lot of pressure.


adidas Originals Dragon Mens Trainers New Green/Black

adidas Originals Dragon Mens Trainers New Green/Black

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