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Double game of the season, "the second half resurgence Hengda"  adidas porsche design bounce s4 uk ian "inertia" committed. In advance 9, played only eight games in Guangzhou Hengda, scored a total of 25 goals, including 18 goals in the second half into the second half, scoring rate up to 72%. AFC Champions League this season, Hengda seven games after scoring a total of 16, of which 11 also scored the second half, the ratio reached 68.7%! This transcript. is no accident, but the second half of Hengda why untouchables?


The first course, and Lippi has a relationship. Silver Fox took over Hengda, not only improves the Hengda attack, also improved Hengda defense. In addition, Lippi often at halftime, according to the team the first half of the precise circumstances substitutions adjustment, proved very place.


The second and the team physically related. Earlier Chinese physical players generally a problem, and in Lippi's coaching staff, there are a handful of world football expert inside the physical division, which is the only five-star super strength and conditioning coach, named Gaodinuo. Now Hengda lane operations, so the audience can maintain high physical strength to inflict oppression, adidas porsche 550 sale with this level of strength and conditioning coach of God inseparable.


The third and the players on their own strength and experience. Game hit more, experience more and more rich, and my heart more and more bottom. Plus a few brave aid strikes, Hengda players currently temperament has changed, which is sufficient to ensure that they do not face opponents in the general collapse, and then in the second half to give them a little color to see. J148


Games are played open, Gao Lin also for the presence of socks, which makes old traveler Lippi coached 40 years have never seen emotion. Hengda this detail also showed last night's game is definitely not so smooth. Hengda is the second half of the untouchables can eventually three points away from the road.

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