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Louis Weedon brand success

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As far as chic in "bridge (Chic on the bridge)" propaganda movies, four attractive actress hands Alma handbags will be the French elegance show most incisive At the age of 14 he went alone to Paris, more than 400 km walk, walk for several days In 1837, at the age of 16 LouisVuitton far away from home, to Paris as a noble pack However, the cheap louis vuitton fun of travel often because some small problems and greatly -- those beautiful clothes can not always appropriate to stay in the trunk Many famous luxury brand, expanding market capacity at the same time, due to defects in brand management and all kinds of other, lost his "brand weight", only the "luxury", without the luxury of "real", some brands through heavy chain market, even the luxury "the name" have all goneTrue packets of grain is deep, if blisters particles of the gap between comparative trenchant, as is the width of the ditch between particles is average He thinks Nefertiti is recognized as the symbol of beauty, this is the pursuit of the realm of his make-up seriesThe Christian Louboutin brand and make-up products has a history, because he's famous red shoes, he is the assistant to get a bottle of red nail polish painted on the soles and the birth of Such layers will only put dirt sealing bag in the cortex Based on the original concept, Louis Vuitton also insist on constant innovation, Keepall handbag, subversion of the people in the past on the handbag concept, at the same time, soft canvas to let a person fondle admiringly "On the market a lot of Louis Weedon's counterfeit goods, from one side of the Louis Weedon brand success Visible, brand awareness is important, more important, you have to understand what the occasion with what kind of package The use of robots can save a lot of time Analytic personage thinks, for luxury consumers, prices did not affect the one hundred or two hundred yuan of the purchase behavior, however, for a long time, the Chinese market for luxury goods price is buy louis vuitton much higher than the international market which has been The 1When you get a new LV wallet, please take a deep breath to smell his natural sporadic leather natural leather aroma, flavor, is the first priorityThe son of Louis Weedon George Weedon to create the well-known Monogram series, the main light canvas, the production process is very complicated, we must add a layer of waterproof vinyl chloride (PVC), standard pattern printed on, after embossing, is completed, the canvas with excellent toughness and wear resistance, ensure long without deformation, do not fade, and the patterns are intact, basic, almost all of this canvas material, design play into different leather use When people need to find a convenient tool for carrying clothes travel -- the LV bags will emerge as the times requireIn 1854, Louis Vuitton in Paris Aas Daniel opened the first bag their own production workshop In the city, there are more and more successful businessmen and entrepreneurs No one will take people's badge hanging in his shoes, so I think the tattoo embroidered on the shoe, become the new armor or badge Instead of fake row spacing did not really standard average 

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