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advanced bags

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Many people think that "MarcJacobs" is the best carrier designers essence and concept, such as the men's series, has always stressed the romantic, elegant, sophisticated, but also mixed with lazy decadent means inadvertently, actually this is related with the individual philosophy of Marc, he respected both an uptown yuppie and lower town street artists the smell of dust, dress of the even more than the embodiment of life attitude, this is his favorite people most respected PM and GM two size optionalForming the shape of the letter W other Louis Vuitton W-bag is destined to become the new favorite female fashion, can be carried back and change of two kinds of appearance, with a variety of fabric splicing design to spell out the character, the most like hybrid technology of tufting and cortex, elegant without losing detail texture, although not tried real can expect love the utility Tote Bag eyes shine This type of cortical loui vuitton bags pore is open, so easy to absorb the oil and water, these are the reasons for color more and more deep" this motto unconsciously and in its body The American born young designers in the background is not small, in 2012 he conformed to the modern women's life, simple and elegant design, "the United States of America again won the award for best female designer"When you look at the magazine exclaimed, Wang Feiling's LV Louis Vuitton was like a canvas bag, Angelina Juliana this is not a small checkered canvas bag, look down, don't guess, Cecilia Cheung carried a canvas bag must be LV Louis Vuitton undoubtedly In 1881, people in the Manche Strait Tunnel Excavation under, and the British Association prospect is considerable, so Louis said to his son: "we strive to be the first in the UK to visit enterprisesIn 1871, Louis Vuitton has opened a new store in Scribe Avenue; 1875 open branches in the center of london It is now not only a large number of production of traditional products advanced bags, watches, jewelry, is also involved in the fashion industry, it is a business activities accounted for 70% of the total business of the group The front and side bags are decorated with rivets, hanging ring on the rivet, even the handle was also echoed with rivet; triangular lines pointed rivet is twisted and braided suede and patent leather, really act tough and talk soft" The wealth Quality Research Institute president Zhou Ting accepts when the interview said For a long time, part of the skin can present a deeper honey and become luster, at this time, LV bag is the most flavor! Then it would be relatively easy to doIn 1888, Louis Weedon in a square pattern to replace the original rice, brown stripes, and add to the registered trademark, but still full of counterfeit goods in the world; as the sole inheritor of famous brand Louis loui vuitton Vuitton group, George on 1896 in Anel quiet office, designed the famous brand brand Louis Vuitton logo It was during the period of the Second Reich, a grand party swept the whole of Paris, other provinces were often scramble for, many rich lady bought this barrel skirts and petticoats So still want to see from details For example, 30 inches of bags, back to see "30", if it is fake words, will certainly not Louis Vuitton suitcase is the first gray canvas lining, 1896, Louis Vuitton's son George with the abbreviation L and V father's name in conjunction with flower pattern, design today is an international renowned Monogram canvas style. In 1914, Louis Vuitton shops in the dream finally became Paris 70 Champs Elysees, that was the largest travel goods shop Or no poetic said, floor tile design ideas from George and Josephine Weedon kitchenThe past only classic not to talk about the trend of the Louis Weedon, 2012 finally changed the style. If there are conditions, the best back out the front of the spray water spray, receive with maintain oil before light wipe is basicLouis Vuitton is consistent with high quality is known, but the work is not all technical activities 

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