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the brand classic products

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They have the ability to buy luxury goods, is not willing to spend two or three days to go to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other big city shopping In the Golden Globes and Warner Brothers banquet with Louboutin handbags, dressed in indigo blue Zuhair Murad dress, this outfit after she almost did not leave, after the Bravo A List party, she also used And the hand temperature can accelerate the oxidation discolorationThe company's chief executive officer Eve Cassel said: "our problem is how to not dilute their image and development Oily items and cosmetics are this kind of bag killer 2008 to the 150 anniversary of the establishment of Louis Vuitton, two special oversized suitcase on the rack in the building on both sides, amazing After the war, he also concentrate on making travel case, and obtain many celebrity's favor, order flow like water Wipe the movement is in order to speed up the closed pore Louis Weedon as a pioneer in China, has made remarkable achievements and become lv bags the market leader Carrying such a marvelous "scenery" travel back rate is soaring Ten years, all industries are in rapid developmentIn 1996, Louis Vuitton joined the L Although it has sold thousands of euros of limited edition shows pricing package, but tens of thousands of women have it iconic brown and gold letters handbags and purses Remember! Don't use newspaper cover, will put the ink printed on the bag, and cannot handle! The best part of the sun only cortex, attention turned face, save unevennessBut Huo Li didn't think overseas consumption influenced Louis Weedon in the local sales Louis Vuitton is consistent with high quality is known, but the work is not all technical activities In 1996, in order to commemorate the one hundred anniversary of the Monogram series design, invited seven fashion designers limited styles, a crazy collection upsurge in the global, let Louis Weedon feel the tide has greatness His design will soon be copied, flat-topped square suitcase becomes the tidal current Of course, also cannot lump together Oh, now a lot of new hardware, there are many very bright colors The development of the company to provide a more solid foundation for the innovation of the products: the brand classic products Rigid suitcase was born in 1889, it adapt to long-distance travel bumpy, bring travelers are most in need of peace of mind and comfort -- so far, it is the pride of Louis vuitton Authenticity is yellow And the hand temperature can accelerate the oxidation discolorationCorrelation analysis points out, high-end consumers are willing to pay a high price for the purchase of luxury goods, the main reason is that the core value of the brand, buy it can demonstrate and enhance their own identity This year, just in time for lv bag the 150 anniversary of famous brand, in the Paris Avenue des champs-elyses stores, exhibited a louis vuitton bags more than 3000 samples and its founder Louis Vuitton photos, make people aware of this from a small carpenter to the entrepreneurial process of big bossA small village was born in February 12, 1821 in France, Louis Vuitton, father is near the forest loggers, poor familyLouis Vuitton brand one hundred and fifty years to keep advocating delicate, quality, comfortable "travel philosophy", as a design departure foundation Louis Vuitton this name has now spread throughout Europe, become the symbol of the most delicate traveling articlesHas been to "bad boy" to call the American fashion designer, said he was undisciplined, strange behavior, but the love of his people think this is called authentic "yuppie" style, like design with his personal brand, some people love, will be regarded as works of genius, but others think it is the langdexuming 

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