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Height 190cm, weight 82kg, the Turk in football is truly a "cheap nike air max 90  giant." When he walked into the first day of training camp Vera, his teammates looked at him in surprise Delphi, joking, "Hey, you are not to eat raw meat?" His physique too good, mate only with "natural is a beast "to describe.


The Turk quickly proved himself more than just a big man by the body to eat. 34 games in a season, scoring 19 league data looks not too surprising, but considering the verge of relegation last season, Vera's fate, the performance of the Belgians on the people shocked. He even claim to be the number one contributor Vera relegation, "In many games, he led us forward, and I'm surprised he did not get the best young players in the year." Delphi said.


Coach Paul Lambert last season dedication to the Turk's trust, the fluctuating state when the team was highly controversial. To know Lambert for righting the Turk, and even worth 24 million pounds of Darren Bent riding on a bench. There are too many little-known classic battle of the Turk to Villa Park crazy. Such as Sunderland and Aston Villa Di Canio led war of life and death for relegation, the Turk with 17 minutes to complete the hat-trick, ultimately creating bloodshed 6 to 1, 赛后兰伯特 said the Turk's potential, "so people fear. " Guest at Anfield team, the Turk to single-handedly destroyed the defense guarding Carragher and Agger, even Manchester City, Manchester United and other giants, but also rarely appear alone one person decides the fate of the game situation.


The Turk's distinct characteristics, because of outstanding physical advantages, nike air max 1 salebecan play Zhan Zhuang center; and on a known physical Premiership "Warcraft" Drogba is similar to the speed of the Turk and the technology is also very outstanding. Born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Turk African players have unique physical ability, his father was a soldier, but the Congo (gold) perennial trampled by war, my father decided to child safety in the early 1990s his family migrated to Belgium, then the Turk just three.


Systems in Europe are well football training, but he claimed football technology "is coming from the street football school." A 190cm high heel big man to knock the ball deftly made the flower work, do people feel incredible. But he Reina at Anfield in front of the gate guarded by the young and fearless display their talent. His shirt in England have sold it to enjoy the season courtesy heroic, but also at this time, 22-year-old said this: "If you want me to stay a certain Vera, I may not listen to them I definitely do not want to feel my career is not their full potential. "

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Kh675 Running Shoe Grey Black And Sport Red - Air Max 1 Mens 

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