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nike air max 97 hyperfuse uk,

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Attitude of the club is important, can not ignore the wishes of the players. nike air max 97 hyperfuse uk Ferguson coached in the last two or three seasons, Rooney has been depressed. Transfers from downtown events for Sir Alex Ferguson after broken heart, between the generals have a gap difficult to repair. Van Persie joined later, Rooney top center position easy to master, and he had to change even cameo midfielder kicked video front, this is not his most desired location. Flies in the club for a player who is not happy, change of coach could not untie knots.


Meanwhile, Chelsea temptation to Rooney is attractive enough. According to the "Daily Mail" reported that the Blues are willing to meet the requirements of Rooney 240,000 weekly, they are willing to offer 30 million pounds for the player, if Rooney if the transfer will strongly, leaving two-year contract situation for the players to said more favorable.


Over the past two seasons, fewer Rooney scoring opportunities, but compared to his door and creativity is more superior sense of smell. Under the tutelage of Mourinho for any ambitious players are tempting, but more importantly is the Blues striker situation. Torres has lost top scorer position,nike air max 95 uk  Demba Ba's ability is not enough to stir up the Yankees of the beam, if Rooney joined, no doubt will get the top center position. The peak years of his career to make such a change, perhaps Rooney really craved. 

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