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Make fans feel pleased that Rooney's name appeared in the Red Devils Asia trip 19-man air max light uk  He also fulfilled the responsibilities of the main players, Manchester United recently attended a number of commercial activities. In every public appearance when Wayne Rooney smile, do not see signs of dissatisfaction with the club. David Moyes claimed the club hope Rooney can leave, these are good signs. Moyes said: "The club have said that Wayne is not for sale, I have seen three or four times and Wayne, his every day here, of course, I am in earlier times, and he had seen more times in the past Over the years, between about me and Wayne have a lot of gossip, but is actually a very good relationship between us over the past few years I have invited him several times to return to Goodison Wayne come to my house, and I went to his house to chat. Now he is training in good condition, the club told me that they saw Wayne Rooney is the best state in nearly five years Rooney, I think this is the positive side, we repeatedly stressed that he is not for sale, and I will make every effort to play to his potential . "


Moyes has just appointed almost every public appearance, are able to escape questions about Rooney - which seems an interview this summer Red Devils will encounter any embarrassment. Japanese midfielder Shinji Kagawa Rooney said he did not want to leave, "because I learned a lot from Wayne stuff"; meritorious veteran Bryan Robson at Manchester United and the opening ceremony of the Russian aviation cooperation also said: "The grass elsewhere not necessarily greener ", meaning Manchester United's platform. has been good enough.


And Moyes debut in last week's news conference, a reporter asked whether Wayne Rooney says the fifth consecutive team to stay in this issue directly, Moyes was evasive, and "between Rooney and Ferguson had a private talk, I do not know what they say, this is their private meetings,  nike air max classic bw mens as I think now, I look forward to working together and Wayne Rooney. "When a reporter asked again whether explicitly says Rooney to leave the team, says David Moyes : "I can just tell you is that Rooney is now trained well."

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