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David - David Beckham is really lying in the gun, nike dunk high pro sb sale according to a latest statistics show that his name "David", is the UK's most hapless male names.


According to The Sun disclosed the findings of an accident in the UK, called "David" (David) of men are involved in the most, while in women, called "Joanne" (Joanne) were the most unfortunate, the most accident-prone. (Britain's most unlucky five male names Rank: David, James, Stephen, Andrew, Chris; female names unlucky degrees Rank: Joanne, Emma, ​​Clare, Karen, Lisa)


In addition to David, that David James, Emma, ​​Stephen and other names of people, "accident rate" is also the top row. Also, according to the same statistics, the most dangerous occupations in the United Kingdom followed by fishermen, farmers, oil or gas workers, construction workers and truck drivers.


Although there are statistics out there, but it is clearly an exception Beckham, nike air max plus tn sale  football career, he has never had a particularly serious injury, the most important of which was in 2002 before the World Cup was Argentina Duscher shovel into metatarsal fractures, but from injury in time to catch the World Cup. It appears that everything can not be superstitious, the name does not decide the fate of people.


However, Beckham's former club Manchester United star Wayne Rooney headed, it seems a little superstitious in this regard, according to "The Sun" revealed that at a party after Wayne Rooney and his wife Colleen, plus Friends Gibson (now playing Everton), A Lex - Bruce (son of former Manchester United defender Bruce, effectiveness Hull City), several people whim, decided to go to a fortune teller predicted division.


Rooney mixed results so telling, prophecy teacher predicted that Rooney's lifeline is very long and can live long and healthy, happy Wayne Rooney can not wait long, when Colleen came fortune, he was told not long lifeline, not live so long.


Fortunately Rooney couple did not take it too seriously, and friends and even take this thing a joke, little Bruce said, "lifeline this thing really worrying," Colleen retorted: "I do not think I can at least live shorter than you. "In saying laughter, it had passed, it seems this is just a slapstick fortune, nobody really put Seer words seriously.

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