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In fact Van Gaal also reflected in the employment he's reliance on Van Persie, nike dunk sky high sale this reliance, not to say that any game is to get him to hit first, but there are obviously targeted. World Cup Turkey and Romania this is not low-grade team, with Van Persie played 90 minutes, so a little weak on some of Hungary, although with its first episode, but playing a halftime replaced, instead of questioning the state, and feel no need, kicking 45-minute warm enough. As for Andorra, performances that Huntelaar world. Good steel should be used wisely, can be in the low difficulty Huntelaar continued his magical game goals, Van Persie is the mainstay in the difficult events embodied in the value of what they want, why not? Furthermore words, today's Robin van Persie and Huntelaar has long gone from the battle between the location of infighting coming out, and as such, he was able to play so no worries neat.


Today, the ball count, a large range of general national goals have risen to 30, leaderboards sit tight in the eighth, speaking 70 games into 30 balls, Robin van Persie in the national team's scoring rate in the top ten list ranked last in, but you can not ignore its importance. Van Persie has 13 goals in the World Cup and the European contribution Cup qualifier, three balls into the final stage of the European Cup, the World Cup is two goals. 60% of the goals are reached in the race, this is recognized by the people of the gold medal killer. Not only that, so far this season, Robin van Persie has played in the tournament in 12 games and scored nine goals, the state re-return hot, imagine, the European Cup on Van Persie if there are such good condition, how to bleak out?


In the Netherlands' football zone "site selection after the game, Van Persie was hit a score of 8.5, Van Gaal said his team after the game in the second half is simply" the murder of the race, nike dunk low pro sb sale "he was referring to the team complete control of the scene, do not give the opponent the opportunity ahead, but Robin van Persie in which apparently played a role is crucial. After the game, no doubt at the center of the Competition, 范佩西比亨特 Lal far higher than one. It just started this season in the club Van Persie has scored seven goals, the team has scored twice last season at the club and the national team into a total of 45 balls Fan generals, but also ushered in a personal goal obviously the pinnacle season.


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