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However, the fun of travel often because

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 However, the fun of travel often because some small problems and greatly -- those beautiful clothes can not always appropriate to stay in the trunkLV bag will represent the production number and year of manufacture factory in some obscure location printed, usually by two English words and four numbers"W-Bag" handbag is sweeping the fashion circle, arbitrary elements it contains can make you "immediately want to have" reason: many of the most superior materials and splicing, novel and unique three - segment W modeling, design of bag of multi-level, velvety soft suede lining, replica V handle 90's  EPI handbag In 1909, the Weedon family made Kashmir travel blanket silk and wool, and become the pioneer of the scarf and the quilt cover later From cheap louis vuitton purses  the early LV suitcase until now every year Paris T on changing the LV fashion show, LV (Louis Vuitton) can always stand in the position of the international fashion industry top, pride in the luxury brands, is its own unique brand DNAThe world top luxury brand Louis Vuitton (LouisVuitton) founder, luxury goods in the world history, one of the most outstanding fashion designer fashion A good brand always have infinite inspiration for the future, at the same time, a good brand and always in the years continue to complete the process of CanonizationIn 1914, Louis Vuitton has finally in the world famous Paris Champs Elysees 70, opened the world's largest travel goods shopLouis Weedon in Wuhan the new stores opened just at the end of the opening, Hangzhou store will be opened again in the next month Just like today, his design will soon be copied, flat-topped square suitcase becomes the tidal current Imitation goods exceeds A above, flower standard basic also composed by inclined stripe, but the color often wrong Say first bags around the white skin aging cohesion original fine margin, genuine LV usually very fine, straight, round and stereo, a whole article down very is even even without disconnect see joint, no distortion or slightly twisted strength and other issues, some even good imitine product scrutiny will be slightly rough A poor imitation of the product often zhutheirshechu haudio-videoe wrinkles Only a few people have experience in footwear, while others did not work in the factory experience, some people used to manufacture the barber, dog trainer or dental model This long oxid degree is different, color is not the same"Real, real millionaires, they won't buy LV or Gucci, because they are so popular Integral color is very clearThe procedure for determining where tailoring leather, greatly reduce the process of leather wasteChristian Louboutin louis vuitton purses  also offers women's shoes embroidery services, and choose comfortable Rollergirl flat, Louis sneaker, Belle boot and Highness Ankle elegant four shoes resAccording to the Canadian "Vancouver sun" the article reported, Daisy Lou of 31 years old to work in a multinational cosmetics company, she has two LV handbags, however, has said that "although they are still very popular, but I never backLouis Vuitton growth over the past few years mean productivity approaching the limit, the company has 17 manufacturing bag, handbag and accessories factory, Louis Weedon, 12, in France, in addition, 3 in Spain, 2 in the United States of California The same year in August and September, third and fourth flagship store opened in Osaka and the United States New York japanOf course if the the Alfie Flat certainly not rivet shoes before and leopard shoes so easy to accept, after all the shoes in addition to design using HI-TOP, also adds numerous laces5 century, the legendary brand is still the continuation, its excellent quality and original spirit world Only a few people have experience in footwear, while others did not work in the factory experience, some people used to manufacture the barber, dog trainer or dental model This item uses the yellow and black fusion snakeskin was made, and a single product from the handmade in Italy factory

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