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He hoped that his shoes - not him

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 He hoped that his shoes - not him - he spoke Slender high-heeled, red sole is Christian Louboutin heels, label, his experimental art design in the field of leather shoes is also unique" Moreover, a pair of red shoes Teenager that in the nightclub experience also affects his whole design style, Christian Louboutin shoes most like to use a variety of bright colors, especially toe styles won his favor, with the sole Nama red mark, a woman the most sexy, swaying the performance with high louboutin outlet  heels In her film "wanted", she was wearing a pair of Luo Boting shoes in a sexy woman killer, the beige round toe shoes from her collection of Luo Boting Now I know who you are, my girlfriend of your shoes are very very much, so I know your nameThree years can produce an upstart, but noble birth but not need several generations may not" In fact, several of his sister doesn't love to wear high heels" Moreover, a pair of red shoes But she told me that her home, in the fire, the only thing that she can't leave, is a pair of boots, she said she couldn't find the boots will not leave" Of course, like changing the heel of Louboutin also said: "I am not a fascist Deformation tab shoes high-heeled tab shoes began to take off, it is the combination of sweet campus wind and mature sexy wind She said "I want to sleep under my pillow each night"Earlier in 2008, New York Fashion Institute of technology has made him a personal exhibition, January, talk show queen Oprah specialized in her program to an audience of 8000000 introduced his design Whether it is footwear design more varied, drama and personalized, or more and more attracted to them on the red carpet of the lens, that designers can no longer be leather shoes as the dress collocation products - they don't even consider the wearer, but instead require the wearer to adapt themselves to the most experienced model all teeter high-heeled shoes "They always complain about why I don't do more flatsVictoria Beckham (Vitoria Beckham) in March 24, 2010  to the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia on the way still wearing her trademark black skirt with a Christian Louboutin red shoes, exquisite curve christian louboutin outlet  lets the human heartbeat Although early because of this decision to drop out of school, Luo Boting suffered a lot of opposition, but he praised, in watching a TV program Cesofiya Lauren, his determined"Included in this part of Paris, and so We can learn from the above discussion, high-heeled shoes can increase a woman's charm in many ways, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna such a star, everybody loves in his shoesIn 1988, Christian Louboutin was a friend said, adding Dior's specializes in the production of shoes storied company Roger Vivier, after the master's instructions, his shoemaking skills and fly to a height, soon make known to every familyThis season Louboutin to Holland painter Lubensi's painting as a creative inspiration, will this season's items all to the painting texture, its style. coincides with the painter Lubensi style. is extremely" Then he burst into tears, he said: "she's out of my life, I am very sad Once he pass by Paris's Oceanic Art Museum, in front of the door to see a remarkable icon, a tapered heels are two thick lines cross, carved wood floor to visit warned women "treat" pavilion

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