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From the PA DiThree years can produce an upstart

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 From the PA DiThree years can produce an upstart, but noble birth but not need several generations may not Choose to wear high-heeled shoes woman, often have realized that many men do not know what reason have a keen interest in high heels, high heels can easily complete the conquest of a lot of men, can easily get a lot of man's worship, can easily make a lot of men So they will have a noble and elegant temperament and be in a leisurely and carefree mood, there will never be impatient side, from the beginning of their ancestors have been so, who was born with those genes, there won't be too hasty temper and burned character Once he pass by Paris's Oceanic Art Museum, in front of the door to see a remarkable icon, a tapered heels are two thick lines cross, carved wood floor to visit warned women "treat" pavilion Many women complain that high heels against the high-heeled shoes, the main reason is: their high-heeled shoes is a kind of torture of foot, wear high heels can make feet very uncomfortable, even painful, but also easy to wrestlingColor color color color is mixed with speaking, there is no reason for your shoes looked dim and dull In addition, mixed leather (leather, suede, mixed metal) occupies a significant positionLace-up shoes and boots from  Vitoria wind to sexy female teacher modeling, lace-up shoes will also be christian louboutin discount shoes  popular for a short time"Soon, the red color red all over the global, Royal aristocracy especially big stars to join Christian Louboutin yangmingliwan, looking through his customer list: Monaco Princess Caroline, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jesscia Parker, Jennifer Lopez, red shoes like a kind of magic, let delicate woman heartbeat, more confident and sexy woman came in front of a manAt that time, Paris is in the period of economic recovery, a lead a voluptuous life, dance fortune scene, Christian Louboutin could not resist the temptations of the world, often go to Paris was the most famous nightclub The Palace play, when he was only 14 years oldRecently, Louboutin sent his a series of works: Winter 2013 new, this season's style. is gorgeous, rich color and rich, single product style. full of power are not sexy But for women, how many of the shoes are not enough, then, to buy the shoes to slowly by wearing into collection Once, he saw the female assistant to toe nail polish, red color once stimulated his inspiration, will be red on the sole, unexpectedly, surprisingly good, at this point, the red color is erotic duopo becomes Christian Louboutin, let him in the limelight Deformation tab shoes high-heeled tab shoes began to take off, it is the combination of sweet campus wind and mature sexy wind, Gwyneth Paltrow christian louboutin discount  and Madonna such a star, everybody loves in his shoes

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