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pointed rivet in the world

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This series of shoes with hiking boots and Oxford elements in the design of high quality leather, vamp uses material to build, lace and lace holes into the metal camp mountaineering boots type in a gentleman profile created some outdoor atmosphere, and is equipped with large base is solid Louis Vuitton company also to individual customer requirements, tailor-made for them every kind of product Typical Monogram pattern from a distance look, every brushstroke look far seems to be the real yellow green, but carefully examines, will find the above printing is the small dots slash the composition, from the past, will find label printing color actual is composed by parallel line "In France, the store, the customer quickly in, hurriedly selected package Louis Vuitton brand one hundred and fifty years to keep advocating delicate, quality, comfortable "travel philosophy", as a design departure foundation In the pre-fall 2013 series and the latest accessories product manual, by photographer Koto Bolofo with a mirror, in Paris's H? Tel loui vuitton de Crillon Hotel photography, highlight this season to relax the theme of freedomLouis Vuitton will be launched in July the new Parnass The book takes three months to complete, and by the Italy and India craftsman carefully processing, will be sent to the hands of customersIn 1852, Louis Vuitton Leather revolutionary to create a flat top box, and opened its first shop in Paris The company is considering launching a perfume, many high-end women's fashion houses to attract a large number of customers using the product Especially the Christian Louboutin silver inlaid crystal Maykimay bag, 1743 euro price in line with her identity, she recently prefer shining ornamentsRecent pointed rivet in the world, everyone would be such a set of clothes crowded subway the more power and prestige, but also is to think, really wear the rivet is not dare to go out If you haven't bought LV, as long as you go to the LV store to choose a, smell the smell, will ensure that you can easily distinguish the true and false after Li Kui!Now those fake LV bags on the decorative pattern has been done and really not much difference between, so just look at the patterns and designs are no longer as the basis to distinguish between true and false Fascinated with Murakami Takashi MarcJacobs said he most admired Murakami Takashi joy works under the dark side, has both bright and dark is the real life, is also a Marc Jacobs to lead the Louis Weedon directionLouis Weedon was not a fashion brand, the reason can become a hundred years classical, the key reason is that let consumers enjoy aristocrathas quality Not surprisingly, especially flash, especially bright Zun Tu's imitation, although the colour has been quite good, very close to exceed A seller flauntie genuine green golden copper, but or too bright for some4% in the first quarter, not only with the loui vuitton bags first quarter growth rate of 17% last year, a far away, since the 2008 financial crisis quarter growth is the smallest Some experts believe that China's luxury market is nearing saturation, Huo Li on the Chinese market is still optimistic The depth and height every grain shop up blisters are uniform, looked a texture Many famous luxury brand, expanding market capacity at the same time, due to defects in brand management and all kinds of other, lost his "brand weight", only the "luxury", without the luxury of "real", some brands through heavy chain market, even the luxury "the name" have all gone Louis world's fairA good brand is always full of inspiration for the future, the development process of Louis Vuitton is proper interpretation of this sentence -- Steamer travel bag lightweight flexible published in 1901, became a pioneer in later handbags; eight years later, the Weedon family made Kashmir travel blanket silk and wool, and become the pioneer of the scarf and the quilt cover later Gold plated metal parts of the fine workmanship is the difference between Louboutin and other brands of local, noble quality from details highlight 

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