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craftsman carefully processing

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Fancy pattern idea maybe from the Edo period Just like today, his design will soon be copied, flat-topped square suitcase becomes the tidal current Christian Louboutin the new spring and summer 2012 bags, whether it is pink, the mysterious black magic, or covered with rivets, crawling with leopard handbag products, will the outbreak of the most deadly attraction at the first time Other brand of men's shoes customized service is very good, but this is my interpretation of the new custom shoes This type of cortical pore is open, so easy to absorb the oil and water, these are the reasons for color more and more deep The book takes three months to complete, and by the Italy and India craftsman carefully processing, will be sent to the hands of customersEvery step of production, Louis Vuitton will analyze the possible benefitsHis this kind of box is not only strong and durable, easy to carry and travel time, beautiful appearance, elegant color coordination, so quickly open the market, and queen Ou Renni of her, she cheap louis vuitton vowed from Louis Vuitton there custom-made jewelry box Louis Vuitton although this lawsuit, but did not stop the flood of counterfeit goods There are even stories, "Titanic" (Titanic) sank a few years later, a salvaged from the bottom of the Louis Weedon hard-cartons, no infiltrated water-droplet; there are rumors, fire somebody, clothes are on fire, but a Monogram Glace bag, appearance is fireworks blackened deformation, items inside but intactIn Marsaz, skilled workers are busy training a large number of novice The following two with old rock-solid leather bag with contrast look In 1852, Louis Vuitton Leather revolutionary to create a flat top box, and opened its first shop in ParisIn 1852, Napoleon Sans ascended the throne, LouisVuitton was selected as the Queen's bundle, then involved in polite society If the bag is in or bothers straps, want to shorten the time of words But note that don't use any rub off things rub!! In the skin will touch! if the bag is in or bothers straps, want to shorten the time of The whole feels soft hard moderate, more flexible If you go to France is the Italy and other countries, will take food, wine and luxury"Huo Li also revealed that, in the fight against fake action, Louis Weedon got the support of the Chinese government This buy louis vuitton shoe apart from numerous shoelaces attractive, retaining similar compilation plaid and heel also feel attracted to you not in the same class with various reasons out of their walletParis Hilton's wardrobe 

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