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also to subvert the entire world

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Annual earnings increase by 40% - 45% speed In 1881, people in the Manche Strait Tunnel Excavation under, and the British Association prospect is considerable, so Louis said to his son: "we strive to be the first in the UK to visit enterprises Fabric George invented a unique pattern, until now still in use Typical Monogram pattern from a distance look, every brushstroke look far seems to be the real yellow green, but carefully examines, will find the above printing is the small dots slash the composition, from the past, will find label printing color actual is composed by parallel line These Urumqi, Hohhot, Hefei, has been operating for a period of time in the store, Louis Weedon in many of the original has been set up shops in the city, opened the upgrading of products and services and the flagship store, to further consolidate the market, in order to strengthen consumer spending in these city experience, service consumersJapanese artist TakashiMyrakami overturned Louis Weedon with his cartoon world, also to subvert the entire world, Monogram Louis Weedon met be the most changeful magic turn people's visual impression Now the imitation goods even appearance can loui vuitton bags be done, but the internal line a hard to do so be strict in one's demands Louis Weedon MH group in the production of a Louis Weedon wallet, it must go through 1000 procedures; the briefcase at the beginning of design, will be in the laboratory, for two weeks continuously switches are not deformation tests, strict quality test, to allow consumers to buy the rest assured Biggest difference lies in the above LV words, genuine comparative stereo, and orderliness, edge likened respectively, and imitation goods besides comparing thief bright beyond, LV anaglyph out feeling too smooth, not very clearFrom matchs a skin, some people said it fangweixian and drip darker test No one will take people's badge hanging in his shoes, so I think the tattoo embroidered on the shoe, become the new armor or badge In 2002, its turnover was 3000000000 euros, 3 times over 10 years In addition to observe the true and false new bag used car line, also have different, but the only new distinction, only as a reference From the photos had actually see not too out Especially the Christian Louboutin silver inlaid crystal Maykimay bag, 1743 euro price in line with her identity, she recently prefer shining ornamentsRecent pointed rivet in the world, everyone would be such a set of clothes crowded subway the more power and prestige, but also is to think, really wear the rivet is not dare to go out"A large number of brand into China at the same time, the Chinese customers know a large number of brand in a short period of time In fact, for the 2005 winter series, external review is get both praise and blame, say is favored by its novel design and lively loui vuitton and varied styles, spit is that no creativity, disorderly take a pass Its brand value as the hearts of our people MoutaiAnd wipe or pinch action makes leather surface smooth and shiny, and enable Mao Xikong to reduce, this would not be so easy to absorb skin dirt black become dirty If there are conditions, the best back out the front of the spray water spray, receive with maintain oil before light wipe is basic 

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