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Although there are many bags and clothing, but she still has a few packets is the heart of love But this further stimulated the creativity of George Weedon -- in 1896, he published the famous trademark "LV" on the Monogram canvas, the Louis Vuitton began as symbol of the brand into the idea of people 3 for the original skin characteristics of handmade leather goods, there would be no two product lines of exactly the same, after buying you may find received leather texture may and store pictures are different, note, here is the texture Louis Vuitton is still 52 countries opened 314 luggage store, only in China to open 9 home Last year, Louis Vuitton inventory sales slow, that it closed a number of stores in france After the war, he also concentrate on making travel case, and obtain many celebrity's favor, order flow like water Leather texture like itself has a plane, and then put the irregular blisters grain bits of feeling and auxiliary up every grain of blisters, the gap between the lines very well and have certain depthThe company's chief executive officer Eve Cassel said: "our problem is how to not dilute their image and developmentStars love high-heeled shoes brand Christian Louboutin, although the high-heeled shoes is good enough, but in fact their home accessories can not be ignored! The Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity package, very mini, but with the palm of the hand almost, but because of the outstanding design of the other update immediately!Design hierarchy, from the bottom to the top of the lace animal hair, put on new clothes for winter bag"The latest data analysis Bain's show, in the euro continues to decline, the combined effect of temperature rise of the outbound tourism two factors, Chinese consumers in the overseas consumption has been part of the luxury consumption accounted for 60% of the total Louis Vuitton thinks he can for more buy louis vuitton people to avoid travel to worry about, for the end of 1854 for the court to service work, founded in Paris in the first leather shop, the main products are flat trunk lid The rivet Christian Louboutin package can be used as substitute, carry out after imposing The 1 For like brand customers, our sales is not restrictedLouis Vuitton's son George Weedon (Georges L If you go to France is the Italy and other countries, will take food, wine and luxury Huo Li said firmly, "as long as I work in luxury in this industry, I will fight to the end with the fake Brand over the years the embroidery into footwear design, now becomes the one and only service, exclusive launch from February this year in the global four boutique, the customer tattoo into shoes embroidery, design achievements in the out of the ordinaryit away on cheap imitations when the real deal is out there for a reasonable priceDon't be taken by a deal that seems too good to be true; once again, it usually isTherefore, the Louis Vvuitton damier azur canvas stresa pm bag are must for women - Internally the LV Vertical is lined in canvas, complete with an interior key ring and zipped (and hence secure) pocket for the storage of holdenburberryoutletcoupon blog , money and other valuable itemsJust fill in the briefest of details and you're on your way to being the envy of your friendsSo if you require it, you can come across them easilySo if you desire to make a surprise for your teacher, sheryuggs-for-less blog must think about multi-functional Louis Vvuitton damier azur canvas stresa pm bagMen can put a amount of small elements like cell phones, cigarettes and keys with the pocket with the garment, but ladies can notIf you want to check that your Louis Vvuitton damier azur canvas stresa pm bag is genuine and not a fake, there is always a date code printed on a leather tab in the zipped pocketmuleblackuggs blog will tell you the country of manufacture as well as the month and year of manufactureFor example, if you like it more multi-functional Louis Vvuitton damier azur canvas stresa pm bag, it has the form. of people who possess the simplicity and effectiveness of loveLV handbags is usually knows as Louis Vuitton handbagsEvery woman in the world dreams to won a LV handbagLike shining diamond jewelry or other charms jewlery, LV handbag has the mysterious charming for women on the planetThere are many other classic designs from this brand and each is rich in heritage and historySince the originals are unaffordable by most, they can opt for the reliable Louis Vuitton replica handbags available in the marketLouis Vuitton is one of the names which appear above all brands especially when it comes to luggage as it is known for its stronghold on the world of traveling cases and handbagsThough there is a wide range of fashion clothing and other types of accessories under the Louis Vuitton label, this brand was started off exclusively as one which specialized in luggage and traveling cases, changing the way and style. the world used to travel since the 19th centuryNowadays people might be hankering for the Louis Vuitton replica handbags in order to get a feel of the original style; and one will notice the distinct features of the Louis Vuitton stable which are not present in the designs of other brandsLouis Vuitton invented the flat bottomed traveling trunk while employed as a Layetier amongst French royalty and the aura of aristocracy can still be felt around the brand's designs of handbags and luggage, replicated the same amongst Louis Vuitton replica handbagsThis brand till date, has certain unique features, patented designs and styles which makes it easy to recognize Louis Vuitton replica handbagsThis is a design of the handbags as well as traveling cases which is distinctly of this brand as is the monogram leather handbagsAnd two popular styles amongst the Damier canvas handbags are the Damier Canvas Speedy and the Damier Canvas NeverfullBoth these signature styles come in the unique checked pattern which the Damier design representsThe Speedy handbag is a smaller bag as compared to the large tote bag which the Damier Canvas Neverfull isBoth have deep chocolate leather handles, gold padlocks, patch pockets and red textile lining insideThe Neverfull handbag and the Speedy design have been reinvented in various ways and different color combinations and these are all available amongst Louis Vuitton replica handbagsHence, if you like the Damier Canvas or any other design amongst the Louis Vuitton stable, you can take your pick amongst the more affordable Louis Vuitton replica handbagsThese mirrors the high level of craftsmanship of the original designs and it is difficult to tell a close replica from the original oneWholesale handbags and designer handbags are popular among women in different agesRecognized as one of the cheap louis vuitton most established in fashion field, Chanel handbags are founded by couturier Gabrielle in ParisShe has been concentrated on innovation and technology that later she gained the name' Coco'Chanel bags are popular among fashionists due to timeless creations and fabulous designsChanel handbags are works of elegance, class and originalityNow it has developed from a small shop to one of the greatest fashion empires in the worldFollowing fashion trends all these years, Chanel produces bags that are simple and fashionableThey believe that simplicity is the keynote of all true eleganceTherefore, they venture into novelty and simple handbags which become an enduring successThe Chanel gold or metallic chain-strapped handbags are made of durable and remarkable leatherThey have gained great reputation since they were released and never ever out of fallen out of fashionThe company of Chanel is always ready to change the traditional designs to eye capturing designsAnd the staff spares no efforts to maintain the Chanel legendAs an icon of elegance, Chanel is synonymous with wealth and elitismWith its metal chain embedded in leather, the Coco Chanel is all about functionality and simplicityWith a classic sense of style, Chanel bags are pursued by people who are fond of fashionWhat makes them so unique is that they first had chain shoulder straps on themAvailable in variety of designs and colors, channel handbags present classic and fashion trend with their top qualityThe super stylish collection of 2011 is famous for the chic, classic and casual looksSome are adorned with ostrich pattern, sliver-tone hardware and their revamped logo which are favored by many fashion loversAnd many channel hand bags complete an incomparable look with inimitable city chic by pursuing new-season trendChannel handbag is a perfect partner for you to participate in any partyAlso don't do not clean bag, directly on the maintenance of oil "Monogram canvas" is the first face LV Louis Vuitton, and it is the eternal mirror LV car suture symmetricing, and on oil waxes rmorningie cotton lines, but as identification details In fact, men for women with what kind of handbag, wearing what brand of shoes do not mind, as long as the woman know how to choose suitable clothing, glamorous, can get themAt the end of nineteenth Century to early twentieth Century, George will be opened in New York branch, Hollywood and American society regards LV as a treasure" China Market Research Group founder and managing director of ShaunRein Lei said, "the rich are getting richer, they want the kind of exclusive products, more to highlight their personality Because the LV monopoly with different periods can not be exactly the same skin color 

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