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He immediately seize the exquisite sole

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 He immediately seize the exquisite sole, directly in the sampleBecause of the high-heeled shoes need strong stability, therefore the traditional Chinese shoe lining cloth is not suitable for In the interview he once described the christian louboutin outlet online store  impulse: "red shoes like shoes coated with lipstick, let a person do not consciously want to kiss, coupled with his toes, is more sexy"Included in this part of Paris, and soVictoria Beckham (Vitoria Beckham) in March 24, 2010 to the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia on the way still wearing her trademark black skirt with a Christian Louboutin red shoes, exquisite curve lets the human heartbeat The advantages of artificial leather is of course cheap cost, can be mass production machinery, very much in line with the requirements of industrial society So wearing high heels need plenty of material life assurance, some time to be in a leisurely and carefree mood With the development of science and technology, artificial leather can already do with leather like like, PU leather is a typicalNow, Christian Louboutin brand high-heeled shoes priced at more than $500, the customer still in a continuous line, Tom Cruise even as he was one and a half years old daughter customized a pair of, the high price of $3000, the red sole charm remarkable christian louboutin outlet  She said "I want to sleep under my pillow  each night" The red shoes is a sign of social class, only one in the class, and in which occupies a space for one person woman, wearing red shoes to emit its inherent charmIn this regard, Louboutin keeping neutralThe iconic Christian Louboutin red soles is derived from the accident But she told me that her home, in the fire, the only thing that she can't leave, is a pair of boots, she said she couldn't find the boots will not leave "For those dancing girls, shoes are the most important, both comfortable, but also very beautiful, sexy, can let the people immediately noticed If wear high-heeled shoes woman with a miniskirt, with soft summer wind, fluttering skirts, long hair fluttering, this woman, who dare say no charm? The famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin once said: "on the heels make women have health, because of the high-heeled shoes let them down

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