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Finally, a Color and Relief technique

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 Finally, a Color and Relief technique, the lines of different colors and beads sewn into the shoesm In New York, they gathered in Brooklyn Bridge holding discounted louis vuitton  a Alma handbag colors is the same with the city taxi color famous  yellow, while outside the White Bridge in Shanghai, Fan Bingbing and the models are on the side, Alma handbag bright red Monogram Vernis canvas reminiscent of traditional Chinese lacquer In 1996, in order to commemorate the one hundred anniversary of the Monogram series design, invited seven fashion designers limited styles, a crazy collection upsurge in the global, let Louis Weedon feel the tide has greatness"LV is certainly take the popular route, it is not called 'luxury', its strategy is to take the amount, rapid expansion, including Gucci, they gradually lose their brand appeal Other brand of men's shoes customized service is very good, but this is my interpretation of the new custom shoes The design concept of Marc with practical give priority to, he thought that the most practical fashion to be able to let people wear out, pay attention to the details of the design, a unique blend of personal vision, derived from the outstanding female charm style The development of the company to provide a more solid foundation for the innovation of the products: the brand classic products Rigid suitcase was born in 1889, it adapt to long-distance travel bumpy, bring travelers are most in need of louis vuitton handbags on sale  peace of mind and comfort -- so far, it is the pride of Louis vuittonYou think you think luxury is luxury? Along with the change of the mass market and emerging market development, luxury goods industry started industrialization, collectivization route, the pursuit of profit as its purposeOf course if the the Alfie Flat certainly not rivet shoes before and leopard shoes so easy to accept, after all the shoes in addition to design using HI-TOP, also adds numerous laces a series, which consists of 4 package models -- Alma, familiar, Sofia Coppola and 2 new package of Vivienne S-Lock and Tabor This season Alexander McQueen snake element into the part of a single product, the iPad leather jacket is the latest design from the brand A lot of people doing a small business and success He invented a handle flat box, replace the last big and heavy wooden box, the material is still the beech, poplar, leather, metal jewelry, belt buckle and the lock Instead of fake row spacing did not really standard average

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