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PtsTotal PtsAether300000303Exiled300000303Fidelis500000505Guardians131001016016Guardǐans101000606HyprAngel001000505Legacy™101000013013Legaċy™100000101SerpentSerpentClan NamesRetain(1m/3 M)Conquer(5m/10 M)Loss(-3m/-5 M)PtsPvOstentatious showiness; flashiness:"a garish barrage of show-biz glitz"Peter G About ten minutes later, LiChunJiang with LiuXiaoYu to attend the news conference I am appealing to anyone with information to come forwardx)27 Feb 2007 14:58HiThe role I'm currently in, we have adopted a very nice tool stack

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