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To know the cortex, even if not only put the long

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 To know the cortex, even if not only put the long, color also can be changedYes, if you want to own one to tie the shoelaces, everyone will be tired out, really is too much shoelaces In 1998 March he was never produced clothing LV, put forward "from scratch" minimalist philosophy, obtains the global fashion positive For a long time, part of the skin can present a deeper honey and become luster, at this time, LV bag is the most flavor! Then it would be relatively easy  to do Oh, must have the sort of flannel dust sets it, now louis vuitton purses  mostly into rice white texture, this is too hard, can not be used, will scratch with skin Various uses have the advent of luggage Finally, a Color and Relief technique, the lines of different colors and beads sewn into the shoesMany famous luxury brand, expanding market capacity at the same time, due to defects in brand management and all kinds of other, lost his "brand weight", only the "luxury", without the luxury of "real", some brands through heavy chain market, even the luxury "the name" have all goneLouis Vuitton develops a computer program to help cut the skin surface flaw identification in received after the leatherThe exquisite decoration, beautiful star, the enthusiasm of the audience and superior service, let people on the current luxury is optimistic Analysts expected, its sales than Gucci rivals such as Duoshushiyi euro From the photos had actually see not too out In the city, there are more and more successful businessmen and entrepreneurs Faster method is to wash your hands after rubbing back and louis vuitton purses on sale  forth, in the bag with skin "In France, the store, the customer quickly in, hurriedly selected packageLouis Weedon MH group in the production of a Louis Weedon wallet, it must go through 1000 procedures; the briefcase at the beginning of design, will be in the laboratory, for two weeks continuously switches are not deformation tests, strict quality test, to allow consumers to buy the rest assured But must pay attention to keep hands clean! The above method, after a period of time, with skin color will become dark

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