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With our customers together for a short time

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 With our customers together for a short time, less opportunity to establish mutual relationship In 1986, only 23 years old Marc get the large company support, launched the individual named "MarcJacobs" series of apparel, after twenty years of development, MarcJacobs has developed into a play a decisive role name fashion industry While others after heavy chain market, even the "name" have all gone LV VERNIS series allegedly because bright face cortex did not "seal" live, is easily absorbed into the other will rub off of leather dyeing At the same time elegant Hongqiao store will also provide international distinguished experience to every kind of service for the customerIn 1996, to celebrate the 100 anniversary of the birth of Monogram  logo, LV Louis Vuitton was president Yves Carcelle after 3 years of over in one's mind, to 7 having louis vuitton handbags  a great reputation of the avant-garde designer to design the new case type Monogram logo invited from all over the world, the 7 designs of each section, later became LV Louis Vuitton to conquer the world of fashion the treasureOne or two times each year the price has become an international leading luxury brands in practice In fact, last year it has two advertisements have workers doing manual work, but by the British advertising monitoring banned, they think will mislead consumers Christian Louboutin the new spring and summer 2012 bags, whether it is pink, the mysterious black magic, or covered with rivets, crawling with leopard handbag products, will the outbreak of the most deadly attraction at the first time In the pre-fall 2013 series and the latest accessories product manual, by photographer Koto Bolofo with a mirror, in Paris's H? Tel de Crillon Hotel photography, highlight this season to relax the theme of freedomLouis Vuitton will be launched in July the new Parnass  Last year, Louis Vuitton inventory sales slow, that it closed a number of stores in france Fabric George invented a unique pattern, until now still in useAt the end of nineteenth Century to early twentieth Century, George will be opened in New York branch, Hollywood and American society regards LV as a treasure So can see whether they really like this brand So can see whether louis vuitton handbags on sale  they really like this brand A century later, "Louis Vuitton" become the world's first brand in the field of luggage and leather goods, but also become a symbol of high society The brown leather as the main material to create a package with gorgeous show, on both sides of the blade design and color image, fashion sense Most of partial palm Because the skin soft, and can secrete a grease, can throw out the most natural luster He was in Paris in 1854 opened the first suitcase shop in their own nameLouis Weedon China area president Hawley said is to control growth, he said: "ten years ago, no one had expected China's economy to grow at this rate

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