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Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna such a star

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, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna such a star, everybody loves in his shoes High-heeled shoes have many different styles, especially in the change of the heel is very much, such as fine and coarse, with, with, with wedge pin, hammer, knife type and type with And the best part is not where the power of strong power, but the power of touch on lightly, women wearing high heels can cause destruction great damage and everything under the heel, and all they do is just gently move the footsteps Once he pass by Paris's Oceanic Art Museum, in front of the door to see a remarkable icon, a tapered heels are two thick lines cross, carved wood floor to visit warned women "treat" pavilion's attention than that is a bit crooked, slightly asymmetric, but very vivid "bow" This shining metal with fine, hard texture, some fine even more than half a little finger is thinner, and some metal is fine with the heel end especially fine can even be sharp"Usually only the Paris Show Room will merge so delicate background and product exhibition, Wang Yinan try to the tone of Paris copy to Beijing, let the customer can see the CL most valuable creativity and core creative visual experience In 2007, CL in the world only 7 stores, the development has been as high as 70 Fashion fashion spirit, perhaps is a simple game of timeChristian Louboutin red shoes is well known in the world, in addition to the traditional high-heeled shoes, the brand also launched many bright eye-catching novel styleIn the last quarter, CL combined with fashion magazine "ELLE" jointly organized an online activities -- "the modern version of Cinderella" selection activitiesFringed knee-high boots can make light leg or wearing tights legs look christian louboutin outlet online store  very sexy Buckle, belt, lace, studs, all things can be seen in this season's shoes Therefore each bow is the use of high process, pure handmade, and therefore not as like as two peas bow "On her album have mutual affinity menoir video" in Christian Louboutina shoes, when she accompanied by piano dance, that particular sole obviously At that time, Paris is in the period of economic recovery, a lead a voluptuous life, dance fortune scene, Christian Louboutin could not resist the temptations of the world, often go to Paris was the most famous nightclub The Palace play, when he was only 14 years old Some women not to wear high-heeled shoes, wear high-heeled shoes not look distinguished air of elegance and coquetry, but is timid, walking with a limp, and some even use foot dragging shoes, therefore, must learn to wear high-heeled shoes to wear, so as to avoid counterproductive This road is very rare, but a long-term life shuttles back and forth environment ground to all this road that must necessarily be aristocracy Wang Yinan told the weekly financial reporters: "give the degrees of freedom of each shop is very high, Louboutin hopes to make every shop into the local style, have their own characteristics, but also has the brand elements He will be the sole portion "shoes often neglected dyed into red", and "red shoes" has become Christian Louboutin's signature logo, it more than any Logo symbolic more impressiveNamed Blake Christian Louboutin red shoes "The Blake" has finally arrived, CL BL the red shoes like shoes, she once bought 40 pairs of records Women are the most attractive part is the highlight of the high-heeled shoes these parts No boots, I will not leave" No matter the high-heeled shoes have much criticism, high-heeled shoes enthusiasts will and his ears They're sexy, fun, and very modern, can let a set of other instantly become be full of vitality" He added, many of his designs have a hidden in the bottom of the front sole, though with high may reach 18 cm, in fact the height is in 12 centimetersIn the Hollywood, almost all the female star must have several pairs of shoes for Christian Louboutin to attend a variety of occasions,  and the appearance of many is the high-heeled shoes, believe that the stars also knows a pair of Christian Louboutin for their charm value scale Slender high-heeled, red sole is Christian Louboutin louboutin outlet  heels, label, his experimental art design in the field of leather shoes is also unique The heavy and dramatic square-toed shoes may be a lot of people's nightmare, but open a hole in the front, the effect will be greatly different Because Louboutin most emphasized that personality, we never like Prada, MontBlanc [micro-blog] that wearing the same black dress, with a British gentleman style. to deliver service" Of course, like changing the heel of Louboutin also said: "I am not a fascist

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