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of his people think this is called

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When gradually establish a brand image of the Louis Vuitton, being greedy imitation of its successful steal LV car suture symmetricing, and on oil waxes rmorningie cotton lines, but as identification details"In the channel quickly set up in the background, LV products has gradually become the streets can be seen everywhere, already did not have the luxury that admirable van Wipe the movement is in order to speed up the closed pore Many of the big stars also devoted to Paris to buy bagsIn 1901, Louis Vuitton has launched the Steamer travel bag lightweight and flexible, to become a pioneer in later handbag" Zhou Ting pointed out that But must pay attention to keep hands clean! The above method, after a period of time, with skin color will become dark Recently, the chairman of PPR, the luxury goods group chief executive, announced in 2013, will stop the Gucci brand in China after the store expansion, Louis Weedon [micro-blog] chief announced that it buy louis vuitton would not continue to set up shop in two or three line city china Imitation must not the taste, and the new LV bag, there must be such a taste of the natural grassland pine smell In 1909, the Weedon family made Kashmir travel blanket silk and wool, and become the pioneer of the scarf and the quilt cover laterLouis Vuitton brand one hundred and fifty years to keep advocating delicate, quality, comfortable "travel philosophy", as a design departure foundation Louis Vuitton this name has now spread throughout Europe, become the symbol of the most delicate traveling articlesHas been to "bad boy" to call the American fashion designer, said he was undisciplined, strange behavior, but the love of his people think this is called authentic "yuppie" style, like design with his personal brand, some people love, will be regarded as works of genius, but others think it is the langdexuming Considerate women he outstanding modern and female beauty, cloth with silk, cotton, make clothes more soft; in addition, he will be color to enhance the softness and delicacy, and retain a city atmosphere Vuitton), inherited the family tradition have clever hands and good sense, demonstrated in small inventions In addition, the true LV leather including the skin always is the natural texture, but with a fake LV skin will not naturalThe bag outside is piece of paper, wrote "Louls Vultton Parls made in France" message, should pay attention to is the true LV of the printed word quite shallow, but every word standard averageCopy bags on the decorative pattern is also very similar, but with long will give oil, often cheap louis vuitton feel stiffer A girl, with her to spend twenty thousand yuan to buy a large LV bag to a wine tasting, was approved as "be inopportune or inappropriate" No one will take people's badge hanging in his shoes, so I think the tattoo embroidered on the shoe, become the new armor or badge In 1909, the Weedon family made Kashmir travel blanket silk and wool, and become the pioneer of the scarf and the quilt cover later Another round pot really LV zipper buckle nail will have a certain thickness 

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