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he invented a special lock

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"The customer may at the time of booking to Tattoo Parlor and customized footwear experts to meet, know every step of custom-made shoesLouis's son George was born in 1857, he received the system education, innovation and creative spirit is stronger "Chinese with people in other countries, to foreign countries, to bring a gift to the country's relatives and friends EPI leather is dirty, cotton gloves wipe loui vuitton bags is OK, if the packet is dirty, can use first no alcohol to wipe the baby with the wet towel after wiping, use a light soft shoe brush, then wipe dry cotton gloves In the 2012 financial report, in addition to the Japanese market outside of the Asian market accounted for the group's total revenue 28%, far more than the United States and Europe, is the world's largest market fully deserve Although also have an irregular grain, but the main pattern of gap between the bits that seems to blisters particles smaller, Mimi crowded together, not quite stereo In 1837, at the age of 16 LouisVuitton far away from home, to Paris as a noble pack Analysts expected, its sales than Gucci rivals such as Duoshushiyi euro Bag water try whether leather, see water color becomes deep ~LV meters of white leather will long oxidized coral red, the above points are an important characteristic of LV leather, often buy LV people will knowLouis Vuitton's latest blockbuster, fresh out of the oven, the United States of America supermodel Dree Hemingway In 1890, he invented a special lock "5-tumbler" -- is just a key, you can open the client all of the Louis Vuitton suitcase, avoiding the traveler in the pants tied to a bunch of keysIn Paris, the model will in Le Louvre Museum loui vuitton as the background of the Caruso bridge, portable classic French blue Epi Alma leather handbag Alexander McQueen for the effect of tidal current field beyond doubt, every season luxury experience is bound to bring a dream trip for seekers In 1837, at the age of 16 LouisVuitton far away from home, to Paris as a noble pack For example, the performance of our Spring Festival this year to the Spring Festival this year compared to improve Now the city is very beautiful shopping malls, they have a first-class environment, is attracting more and more brands In 1904, George served as chairman of the St A century later, Louis Vuitton luggage and leather goods to be count as one of the very best of the brand, and become a symbol of high society 2013 from the initial design, printed with "Louis Vuitton" logo this unique graphLouis Weedon pictures (20) case Monogram canvas bag, with rich legendary color and elegant design and become a fashion classic LV bag in series is different, the position of serial number imprint is different 

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