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in received after the leather

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At the same time, China also hopes to get the high quality service for customers in the store" Brand to design and manufacture of innovative and elegant travel hard box, handbags and accessories products, created to travel to the core spirit of legendLouis Vuitton develops a computer program to help cut the skin surface flaw identification in received after the leather If the bag is in or bothers straps, want to shorten the time of words Because the LV monopoly with different periods can not be exactly the same skin color Imitation must not the taste, and the new LV bag, there must be such a taste of the natural grassland pine smell His dream is to make money to live a good life, so again painstakingly again tired also is not afraid of In fact, MarcJacobs was used to these of every hue attack, his response is always simple,
 Marc would be more concerned about their own to lead the trend can be busy over a long period of time in the streetWhen Napoleon Sans ascended the throne, French territory expanded aroused Wu Jenny queen toured Europe interest As we usually do oneself face, only use powder to cover, do not make clear, the short-term, long will jam's long beans Fancy pattern idea maybe from the cheap louis vuitton bags Edo period Louis Vuitton is now close to its limit The first kind of embroidery skills of Outline and Shine, in black and silver embroidery patterns The depth and height every grain shop up blisters are uniform, looked a textureBut Huo Li didn't think overseas consumption influenced Louis Weedon in the local sales George suddenly have a brain wave, 
a new canvas decided to invent a kind of can not be imitated by others The super A zipper head, for example, shows what the differenceHe is one of the most outstanding leather design master of French history, opened the first suitcase shop in their own name in Paris in 1854 Here only about the most mediocre old routine packageWhen it comes to bag inside, playing a piece of skin will be small bag in bag, top write a really unique number LV bags, LV won't have, and location will be wrong es" in the name, since it was named Alma, and Montaigne Avenue and Seine River bridge at the intersection of the same name Tattoo as armour or badge, is just a part of life In contrast, details from or can seeFrom aging skin color and composition of four leaf flower view 7 - storey building lets a person as the acme of perfectionCanvas, plaid, LV Louis Vuitton pattern -- 100 years ago, Louis Vuitton has such a face, one hundred years later, Louis Vuitton still have such a face cheap louis vuitton But generally exceeds A above mostly have can do no creases 

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