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so again painstakingly again

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With our customers together for a short time, less opportunity to establish mutual relationshipAffected by the last century 30's Art Deco movement, with bold design lines Alma handbags may be regarded as a most romantic Paris Louis Weedon classic handbagLouis Vuitton Leather revolutionary to create a flat top box, and opened its first shop in ParisIn Paris, the model will in Le Louvre Museum as the background of the Caruso bridge, portable classic French blue Epi Alma leather handbag Louis worked hard life, died in 1892, his son took over the baton, loui vuitton really create a high-end bags empire The same year, Louis Vuitton suitcase launch vehicle Faster method is to wash your hands after rubbing back and forth, in the bag with skin His dream is to make money to live a good life
, so again painstakingly again tired also is not afraid ofThe son of Louis Weedon George Weedon to create the well-known Monogram series, the main light canvas, the production process is very complicated, we must add a layer of waterproof vinyl chloride (PVC), standard pattern printed on, after embossing, is completed, the canvas with excellent toughness and wear resistance, ensure long without deformation, do not fade, and the patterns are intact, basic, almost all of this canvas material, design play into different leather use And Uzziah right a bit is true Parents couldn't afford to buy him a toy plane and chisel, accompanied by his childhood, he was interested in carpentry "On the market a lot of Louis Weedon's counterfeit goods, from one side of the Louis Weedon brand success In the city, there are more and more successful businessmen and entrepreneurs So this lack of thinking, only as a test really bag generic loui vuitton bags fidelity criterion"W-Bag" handbag is sweeping the fashion circle, arbitrary elements it contains can make you "immediately want to have" reason: many of the most superior materials and splicing, novel and unique three - segment W modeling, design of bag of multi-level, velvety soft suede lining, replica V handle 90's 
EPI handbag Louis Vuitton develops a computer program to help cut the skin surface flaw identification in received after the leather During this period, process design, production to focus more on solving practical problems of travelers, in order to design practical basis, Louis Vuitton in fashion and professional aspects of deepening Domestic sales and foreign sales of these two parts are closely related and complementary to each other I think the brand is no longer suitable for me 

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