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This magnificent propaganda movies

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This magnificent propaganda movies to travel to the underlying theme, subtly suggesting the historical heritage of Louis Weedon's appearance, the classic Alma handbags and 2013 early autumn clothing series dress collocation, is symbolically brand origin and now as the world's leading fashion brand image together In 1998 March he was never produced clothing LV, put forward "from scratch" minimalist philosophy, obtains the global fashion positive The whole feels soft hard moderate, more flexibleNot long ago, the new plant Louis Vuitton is located in the mountains of central France completed, it will be the luxury brand production team expanded to 70 people, but for the entire brand of productivity, this is like a drop in a bucket of water, the brand has annual sales of 5000000000 euros, single single in France has 3500 leather, leather leather products employees In Paris the Louis Vuitton store, often see Chinese customers carefully plan can only buy two bags, want to choose which of the two" this motto unconsciously and in its body Brand over the years the embroidery into footwear design, now becomes the one and only service, exclusive launch from February this year in the global four boutique, the customer tattoo into shoes embroidery, design achievements in the out of the ordinary Considerate women he outstanding modern and female beauty, cloth with silk, cotton, make clothes more soft; in addition, he will be color to enhance the softness and delicacy, and retain a city atmosphere Fascinated with Murakami Takashi MarcJacobs said he most admired Murakami Takashi joy works under the dark side, has both bright and dark is the real life, is also a Marc Jacobs to lead the Louis Weedon louis vuitton handbags on sale  directionLouis Weedon was not a fashion brand, the reason can become a hundred years classical, the key reason is that let consumers enjoy aristocrathas qualityHuo Li carefully explained the policy But take note the second point can be used as the basis of, but can't completely depend on this point, because now copy more really, above flowers with true color is very closeFrom hardwshould, usually LV Mart honest hardware, such as zipper head, usually is not very bright yellow, but green golden copper, the feeling is not very bright, some will be slightly dark, a little approximate grind arenaceous qualitative feeling, but not to grind industryceous degree, anyhow is so wonderfull The bag with the top of the black leather make, with handle black leather to create, and then to the dotted with black rivet, the crude ore elements and elegant with rock and rule of a furnace; and then in the inside position to red, the signature design in the bag on the exhibition now Oily items and cosmetics are this kind of bag killer The king of Egypt ordered preserved fruit crate, the Russian Tsar Nicola II, many India maharajah, Spain's King Alphand VII, the LV store in order to Remember! Don't use newspaper cover, will put the ink printed on the bag, and cannot handle! The best part of the sun only cortex, attention turned face, save unevenness The 1 Faster method is to wash your hands after rubbing back and forth, in the bag with skin Now the Louis Vuitton brand has not only limited to the design and sale of high-end leather goods and luggage, but a huge trend indicators involved in fashion, accessories, shoes, bags, jewelry, watches, media, in areas such as the famous This is Gaston Louis Weedon with "Squire Bag" for the concept design of bag and handbag, once the tree-lined Champs Elysees "Champs-Elys  In addition, the true LV leather including the skin always is the natural texture, but with a fake LV skin will not naturalThe bag outside is piece of paper, wrote "Louls Vultton Parls made in France" message, should pay attention to is the true LV of the printed word quite shallow, but  every word standard averageLouis's son George was born in 1857, he received the system education, innovation and creative spirit is stronger 2013 from the initial design, printed with "Louis Vuitton" logo louis vuitton handbags  this unique graphLouis Weedon pictures (20) case Monogram canvas bag, with rich legendary color and elegant design and become a fashion classic Considerate women he outstanding modern and female beauty, cloth with silk, cotton, make clothes more soft; in addition, he will be color to enhance the softness and delicacy, and retain a city atmosphere So this lack of thinking, only as a test really bag generic fidelity criterion At the same time elegant Hongqiao store will also provide international distinguished experience to every kind of service for the customer

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