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So the general maintenance is to shorten the time

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 While Alma and Sofia louis vuitton purses  Coppola have introduced a new dimension, Alma PPM and SC BB Most of the recent buying is a very white colorFrom matchs a skin pins and the sealing lacquer detail seeEvery step of production, Louis Vuitton will analyze the possible benefits The company is considering launching a perfume, many high-end women's fashion houses to attract a large number of customers using the product So the general maintenance is to shorten the time, or will be very good protectionv Louis Vuitton is now close to its limit LV bag in series is different, the position of serial number imprint is different In 1998, Louis Weedon epoch-making for American designer MarcJacobs joining, design of Vernis series, and then developed in the past has never been the clothing series, in addition to the suitcase, leather goods and fashion, novelty and change the century-old Louis Weedon will also step into other fashion field By Karlie Kloss, Daria Strokous, Jac Jagaciak and Iris Strubegger four models as well as the charm of Chinese actress Fan Bingbing perfect interpretation of the heroine, they always come across in a landmark bridge, they hand the Louis Vuitton's louis vuitton purses on sale  most famous Alma bag and handbag, color is a symbol of their trip destinationLouis Weedon MH group in the production of a Louis Weedon wallet, it must go through 1000 procedures; the briefcase at the beginning of design, will be in the laboratory, for two weeks continuously switches are not deformation tests, strict quality test, to allow consumers to buy the rest assured If your eyesight is strong enough, you will find the true LV Monogram pattern is mixed color that coffee, while the fake LV all is full of coffee Marc from the United States, but he is deeply for the clothing of the history, culture, and the foundation of classical spirit's attention woman", the petals satin handbag, inherited the Christian Louboutin beauty beauty of the wind, layer upon layer of petals filling charming woman, regardless of is a beautiful red, or the mysterious black, will seize the others at first glance Louis Weedon as a pioneer in China, has made remarkable achievements and become the market leader Almost used Louis Weedon leather consumers know, Louis Weedon leather with a dozen years, they can still intact, and the color will be because  of touching, long-term and skin in the course of time, become natural and elegant color

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