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How should I handle imperfect history in my Baseball Pitchers Database

How should I handle rudimentary history in my Baseball Pitchers Database

Situation 1 You have no old start detail, But you have historical summary information: Beginnings, Has won the, Pitch, And thus. Each year and lifetime. This can be the case of a pitcher that has retired.

Situation 2 You have cheap nfl jerseys some historical start detail fat reduction historical summary information described in Situation 1.

Should I create dummy entries in the starts stable to represent the summary information or should a create a third table keep summary information and simply update that table after every start for the active players, Or is there some other alternate best practice.

Hold summary cheap nfl jerseys wholesale resources including

Summarised advise for individual starts in cheap jerseys a separate table

Have a special type of start record to represent summary reports cheap jerseys for sale

Designed to generate the right results advertisements by connecting a summary query

Generally speaking starts table

I think the second one is most beneficial. Merely clarify it, The idea is that you simply when you only have summary information you put it in the summary table, But you also put summary information generated from the sufferer starts you have in this table. It breaks normalisation because some of the summary info is fully dependent on existing starts records, But it will be more efficient particularly if have to output summarised information often. It which you update the summarised information every time you add cheap nfl jerseys for sale or change a starts record though. You'd intent to make the 2 changes inside a transaction to ensure consistency.

Solution. gives you the problem of when your creating or reading a record, You have cooperate with two tables. The second means that remember that reading individual starts you can work with one table and whenever you're reading summaries you can work with the other, And yes it saves you recalculating summaries. The third doesn precalculate summaries for you but leaves you with a problem of making sure you treat the two backyard garden records in the starts table correctly: You using one table to hold two flower garden information which can lead to mistakes James EllisJones Mar 3 '12 at 22:26

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