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No pause, Guardiola began to accuse the Barcelona club president Russell: "I told him to go to a place other than 6000 kilometers to go, discount nike air max 90  you let me quiet, but they did not complete the promise I completed his cycle, decided to leave , let the club do the work yourself who wished Barca made brilliant achievements, because I also can benefit from them. My club Barcelona Needless to say the feelings are, but there are too many things that crossed the boundaries of their disease to take advantage of Tito hurt me, and I will never forget. said I did not meet him in New York, it is entirely in the rumor, and I met with him, why did not common a few times, and the reason is not because there is no possibility of me. I must say that I do not want my partner for many years to explain everything goes the argument, is pretty disgusting things that are completely beyond my expectation. " 

"I did my best at Barca thing, but also do our best. Executives,discount nike air max 90   coaches who are calm and then I go, I reproach, just let them give me quiet and I went to learn English, later learn German. This is my only input I only ask each go their own way, do not use me, hurt me and my friends, if you want to eat together and Cruyff, then eat together, I do not owe I hope Barca everything goes well, we will meet in the Audi Cup, we will embrace. Barcelona kicks the better, the more I pleased, but some things I will never forget. Santos Vice this thing still trivial, but there are some things that should not start and I begged them to leave me alone. " 

Guardiola finally issued a challenge to barca: "If I say there are not any real, it would stand to refute me and must be personally stand up, not through the intermediary of Brazil or Barcelona and I hope they put energy on the good work,womens nike air max 95  please let me. "...

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