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"Vice President of the Brazilian club Santos, then see how?"nike air max one sale  In the new season, Bayern Munich's news conference, an Argentine reporter ask Catalan Guardiola as a result, this sentence triggered a long melon Shuai up to 4 minutes and 50 seconds of violent reaction. Brazilian club Santos Vice President had on the Brazilian media said Guardiola told Neymar's father said, Neymar is best to join Bayern Munich because Vilanova do not know how to get Messi and Neymar coexist. Being led training camp in Italy, Lake Garda Guardiola rebuked the news is false news, then, he was attacked by Russell led barca too kind, and said he lived in New York, Barcelona made a high-level evident in his series of malicious false news, which makes him very sad. 

"I do not know Santos club Vice President, there is no opportunity to know him, because I've never been to Brazil. Then carried out in the Club World Cup in Japan, we beat Santos, but I have not had a chance to know him. Perhaps those among prisoners a big mistake, giving him a very wrong message and I can not say as daring as he said three years ago, I talked with Neymar, because Russell President told me that he phoned to Neymar see if there are possibilities only thing I did was to convince him, let him come to Barcelona. " 

Guardiola continued: "I am in Zurich, Switzerland Golden Globes Neymar met, nike air max one sale we talked about football, Barcelona's game against Santos and football philosophy. When I became Bayern Munich coach, I want to know his condition, he really and Barcelona signed up, so in New York with his father for the exchange. exchange in five minutes later, I found that his intention was to join Barcelona. Indeed, in the talks as well as the previous two contacts, I told him at least 20 times the benefits of joining Barcelona in these three meetings, the Vilanova's name never appeared and I did not need to have the ability to say Tito, who had five years time as my assistant, and his performance last season, nike air max 2013 for womens enough to prove his ability, people simply have nothing to say, he created the best season in club history, but also proves my praise of him is true and, certainly good players to play with, which two players (Neymar and Lionel Messi) is certainly possible to play with. " 

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